Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pregnant and In the Spotlight

     Just recently, I sat back and thought about what it might be like to be a pregnant celebrity. While our society has placed this sort of bliss over being pregnant, I feel that the pregnant women feel the urge to 'play it cool' and act like their pregnancy is the time of their life. Rarely do we see them binge-eating or wearing bumb clothes. And I am sure that is because they know they would be going against what our society knows of this blissful experience.
  Of course Blake Lively looks stunning, and better than I do with a non-pregnant 20 year old body. She looks so happy, which is just confusing to me considering all of the physical and hormonal issues that I know women are facing while being pregnant. 
     While I think these photos are absolutely beautiful, I wonder where this somewhat recent obsession came from. I think it is great that women are portrayed as beautiful and sexy, even when they're pregnant. But I'm sure that they don't feel that way half the time.
   I guess I'm not sure what my exact stance is on this topic, but it is definitely something that is interesting to think about. I wonder if celebrities feel extra pressure to have that "pregnancy glow." If they want to eat cheese and look like shit, then I hope they feel comfortable enough to do so!


  1. I will never know the feeling of being pregnant, so it is not interesting to contemplate what that would be like, but adding on the layer of fame just makes it even more different.

  2. Its weird thinking that there is never a private moment in a celebrities life. I just think its weird to have people want to document even that part, that I think should be a little more private.

  3. I love that you chose to showcase Blake Lively first. She's my favorite, and she makes being pregnant look effortless. I can't imagine what it's actually like though, especially for celebrities. It's tough, I'm sure.