Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reality Steve Choosing The Villain During The Bachelor's Most Boring Season Yet

Am I the only one that finds this season of The Bachelor to be the most boring season yet? I don’t really have a fan favorite of the women, nor have I had a favorite all season. The Women Tell All was one of the most catty and dramatic shows of them all, and reminds me how much more I prefer The Bachelorette  to The Bachelor. However, I love watching the drama unfold and I greatly enjoy watching Reality Steve’s guesses to come true. At the beginning of any Bachelor related season, my best friend looks up Reality Steve’s guesses and then fools me into believing that the season’s villain gets chosen at the Final Rose. And for this season, could Reality Steve be correct in the guess that Whitney is the last woman standing? In my mind, Whitney is the villain of the season, and it seems like Reality Steve is always choosing the villain to win in the end. Is this based on his search and find of the ‘reality television star’ or is this based on what he believe will add fuel to the fire?