Monday, February 23, 2015

Lady Gaga Not Wearing Her Poker Face

We've all seen the many faces, outfits, hairstyles, and music videos of Lady Gaga. Society has seen Lady Gaga through all of her phases- from her silver hair in "Poker Face" in 2008, to her meat dress in 2010. But last night at the Oscars, I saw a side of Lady Gaga that I honestly didn't know existed. Her performance with Tony Bennett was absolutely breathtaking. Her platinum blonde hair, simply curled, her bright red lipstick, accompanied by her sparkly black dress had the entire country talking about her new look. And for one of the first times, I heard Lady Gaga's actual singing voice- not her rap, techno-edited voice, but her actual singing voice, exploring different ranges of pitch. Last night's performance was something I wish I would have seen from her years ago. I hope to see more of this talent from Lady Gaga!